Kinesis Screen™

Self-screening for assessment of falls risk

Kinesis predictive analytics dashboard

Secure portal to empower older adults to assess and prevent falls

Motivate, engage and empower older adults to prevent falls through advanced machine learning algorithms and best practice clinical advice.
Our products help prevent falls through more accurate assessment and are backed by fourteen years of research.

Proprietary fall risk screening algorithm

Population health analysis of fall risk, based on a simple questionnaire.
Validated algorithm for statistical analysis of self-reported fall risk factors to identify current risk of falling.

Questionnaire based machine learning algorithm
Falls risk self-screening

Detailed advice and results on fall risk factors

Provides an older adult with information to take action on falls, through best practice clinical advice and validated, evidence-based machine learning algorithms.

Intuitive, user friendly design

Easy to use solution, designed for older adults and their carers to help prevent falls.

Intuitive, user friendly design
Examine changes in falls risk over time

Track risk of falls over time

Motivates an older adult to take action to prevent falls by monitoring their risk of falls over time.

What is Kinesis Screen™?

Scientifically validated

Scientifically validated

Over 13 years of dedicated
scientific research has gone
into developing Kinesis products

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Assess falls
risk using a simple questionnaire in less
than 1 minute

Accurate measurement

Validated algorithm

Validated machine-learning
algorithm to accurately screen for
fall risk

Information security

Information security

Secure storage of Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) through encryption
on the platform

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